Solution tools

Improve the customer experience

Subscription online or at the cash desk

Offer flexibility to your customers by giving them several subscription options: on the dedicated website or when they visit the resort.

A system without recharging

The skier goes directly to the terminal without going through the online reloading step. Each entrance will be counted and recorded by the pay per use Télépass system.

Collection by direct debit

The terminal chooses the collection periods and the customer is debited from the amount corresponding to his consumption on the card recorded during his subscription.

Solution tools

Increase the number of skiing days

A tool in the center of loyalty

Build a dynamic in price and reward the loyalty of your customers. The Telepass product allows you to generate discounts and free tickets according to the consumption and the habits of your skiers.

A solution for local customers

The Telepass product, thanks to attractive pricing and flexibility, suits perfectly to a strategy to acquire customers close to your resort.

Solution tools

Control your collections

A schedule for pricing

The back office allows you to provide initial prices at the start of the season and then to be responsive with the possibility of setting lower prices day after day.

Automation of collections

At each collection period, the validation of consumption by the terminal leads to the automatic collection request from the back office for greater autonomy.

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