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Solution tools

Control your access

An easy system

Synchronised with Shop online sales, this system is based on a smartphone application that can be downloaded from an apk url. Control is mobile, flexible (one phone can control one or more activity areas), can be adapted to activities in any location and is perfect for consumer areas that are not equipped with turnstiles or “classic” access controls from your ticketing service provider.

A support by choice

This mobile access control system is capable of reading information (relating to the product, validity and participant) using a QR code via the smartphone’s camera or a keycard using NFC technology.

Information in real time

By checking the QR Code or keycard, the controller has access, before or after validating the check, to information about the validity periods used and remaining on the product, package or benefit purchased by the customer, so that he can provide information in real time.

Solution tools

Imagine new products

Increased marketing opportunities

With e-Liberty Check, you can design new products, packages and benefits and sell them on the Shop solution. The system allows you to combine the sale of activities with a ski pass on the same medium. You can also sell individual activities or create multi-activity passes.

With or without limitation

We use your ticketing products to manage the accounts and we add specific validity to them to increase the possibilities of limiting or not limiting access to activities. Examples: unlimited sledging for 1 day, 1 pass per day authorised at the swimming pool over the 6-day period of your pass or even 15 mountain bike passes during the summer season.

Solution tools

Analysis data

All passages on one view

A view of the passages is directly readable in the application. For certain external activity providers, it is important to be able to consult validated entries without having access to your back office. The application can also be used to display statistics for areas controlled by the smartphone.

Exportable datas

In addition, data on positive checks is available, giving you all the passages filtered by control smartphone, activity area and attached order. In this way, the access control generated by the Check application helps to enrich your customer data.

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