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Solution tools

Strengthen links with your dealers

An optimised purchasing sequence

Save your partners time with a keycard reloading sequence adapted to professionals. Available from a simple browser, no installation, no maintenance, orders are made in a few clicks without changing pages.

High volume order management

Simplify the daily life of your customers managing hundreds of packages per week. Thanks to RFID readers or file import, keycards are automatically read and assigned to an order. No more manual handling and a significant time saving for the creation of orders.

Approved simplicity and reliability

Used by dozens of stations and generating more than 100 million euros in turnover each year, e-Liberty Pro is recognised by the major TOs for its simplicity and reliability. Approved interface, completely updated in 2019.

Tools of solutions

Secure payment for your business customers

A direct link with your ticket accounting system

Connect the price lists directly to your customers’ accounts in your ticketing system. Sales are automatically linked to your partners. Your invoices are issued in complete security.

Cash payment by credit card

Facilitate to sell to new partners or small resellers without the risk of non-payment. Activate payment by credit card during the validation of each order. This avoids the processing of fixed deposits at the cash desk.

Management of guarantees to limit outstanding amounts

Define a maximum amount of outstanding payments corresponding to the guarantee paid by your partner at the beginning of the season. Make sure that all sold tickets will be cashed in before they are used.

Tools of solutions

Improve productivity

Integrated sales for your partners

Using the e-Liberty HUB API, your partners can integrate a package reload cycle into their own sales tool. Prices are dynamically updated, no double entry of files.

Centralised control for your teams

Sales are accessible for your teams in an e-Liberty BO identical to that of Shop or Telepass. You can easily switch from one to the other. You can easily find orders, contacts…

Simplified collection for skiers

In a true omni-channel strategy, depending on your strategy, the end customer can collect their keycards from the e-Liberty Touch terminals, at the cash desk with your teams or from your partners. Whether it’s the order delay or the presence or absence of a receptionist, a solution exists.

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