Tools of solutions

Stream the customer journey

Intelligent selector

Our search engine offers the best deal directly to the user. The amount of the discount compared to the public price is clearly comprehensible. If the user changes the criteria, the prices are recalculated in real time.

Fast and intuitive sales tunnel

Which situation ever(purchase that requires delivery, collection of a keycard or direct and instant reloading of their media), your customer can easily complete their package purchase via a tunnel specially designed to facilitate the transformation rate.

Facilitate order collection

We have developed several solutions to allow your customers to order until D-0 without having keycards. A perfect level for satisfaction and growth: application allowing your customers to associate a blank card with an order already placed online, collection from kiosks using QR codes, collection from cash registers according to opening hours, collection from Axess pick-up boxes or Skidata tele-badges, etc.


Tools of solutions

Boost your sales

Display of savings achieved

Price is an important purchase criterial on the internet and the reason why our solution is designed to present all products as promotions. Family, earlybooking or other products are displayed as promotions and the price difference compared to the public price is always highlighted.

Direct management from the back office

No need to go back to the ticket office to relay your promotions. You can prepare your catalogues in advance with linear promotions (family, groups, earlybooking…) and flat-rate discounts (in % or €).
Everything is then activated and personalised from the back office. You are reactive and ready to trigger discounts when necessary (bad weather, credit notes, commercial offer…)

Up selling & cross selling

Highlight your complementary products with the cross-selling module and encourage the buyer to choose your best offer with the upselling module. All possible from a classic purchase, mobile and even on vending machines!

Tools of solutions

Assert your brand image

Personal your website and your sales tunnel

You can easily modify your colours, your logos, the organisation of your website. Create mini-sites for special events or dedicated to specific customer targets.

Create your own content

Due to our content management tool, go ahead selling your products, create information pages, explain your prices, upload images from your webcams, integrate the weather forecast or the opening status of the tracks. No more need for a corporate site parallel with the sales site, your sales site does everything!

Entrust the design of your website to our agency UnAutreMonde

Build together with our agency a fully personalised customer experience adapted to the requirements of your domain.

Tools of solution

Meet the requirements of modern online sales

Hosting and Security

All of our solutions are hosted on the Amazon AWS platform, which provides the highest possible level of security and performance. Our infrastructure is regularly audited by external bodies to test its solidity and security.

Be present on mobile devices

Our sites receive more than 50% of visits from mobile devices and are more than just responsive. The screens change completely depending on the devices used in order to optimise conversion rates.

RGPD compliant

Legal audits are carried out every year by our largest clients. We have completed the most important RGPD upgrades and continue to optimise the solution.

A strong back office

The e-Liberty back-office is optimized to improve your productivity and facilitate sales administration. Several management modes for first sales, integration of RFID readers to simplify the management of Keycards, contact management, actions on orders, exports, and dashboards.

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