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Tools of solutions

Generate your e-mail campaigns

The simplicity of emailing

e-Liberty Insight allows you to manually send or schedule your email campaigns based on a segmentation and an email design that you have configured.

The power of marketing automation

Save time by planning your emailings to targeted contacts. Create marketing scenarios and set up their automatic sending thanks to the dedicated module integrated into the CRM.

Adapted features

Designed especially for ski resorts, the CRM reinforces your sales strategy by sending out e-mailings for abandoned baskets and coupons for promotions linked to your online sales.

Tools of solutions

Centralise your station data

A dynamic connection with the products of e-Liberty

e-Liberty Insight is natively fed by the most qualified database: online sales. Directly connected to the Shop and PPU and Pro products, the datas are integrated and dynamically updated.

One map of your external datas

Organise your external files and import them. Our mapping tool merges the fields and offers you correspondences for an efficient and coherent import with the global database.

Dynamic integration of your flows

Build bridges with your other tools using our API Hub and dynamically integrate your external and destination datas.

Tools of solutions

Refine your marketing actions

Qualified online sales datas

Target your contacts precisely thanks to contact and order data imported dynamically from your online sales. Find all the segmentation fields in CRM present in your back office as well as the fields linked to your mailings.

The marketing trigger

e-Liberty Insight relies on trigger marketing to enable skiing regions to refine their relationship strategy and create scenarios based on your customers’ actions.

Tagging possibilities

Qualify your existing contacts with the addition of a tag in the customer record or when importing a new list. The tag allows you to easily identify the nature of your contacts.

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