Tools of solutions

Sales with stock and planning

Manage time slots throughout the season

Configure your time slots for each product. They can be in the form of slots every 10min or can be used to manage a simple day or half-day quota.

Use contingents

Limit very precisely the number of skiers for a time slot.

Block increasing reservations

You can block reservations a few days or hours before each activity and automatically send the list of registerted skiers to your partners to warn them of the busy activity.

Solution tools

An integrated purchase tunnel

Omni-channel sales

The products sold on e-Liberty Booking can be sold both on the online sales site, from the cash desks via a specific interface or for remote sale via the API.

As a package option or as a plain product

To get moving your customer journey, you have the choice of having your activity product as a plain product or as a product linked to a main title, for example a skiing ticket.

Interactive with our promotion engine

Specified promotions can be triggered on activities related to the purchase of a skiing ticket.

Easy consolidation in accounting

All the products sold on e-Liberty Booking can be brought down to the ticket office to simplify your accounting.

Solution tools

Easy access control by QRcode or Keycard

An easy control application for each access by Android Smartphone

Reading QR-codes

Compatible with any recent Android smartphone and thanks to the use of the phone’s camera, the customer information are going to be transfered by simply reading the QRCode. The QRCode can be sent by email to the end customer automatically or printed at the checkout.

KeyCard scan by NFC

Load as many activity vouchers onto a KeyCard, whether on Skidata, Team Axess or Alfi systems. The scan of the Keycard by the control application will validate the ticket.

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